The Course

National Masters Open Road Relays - Map of course

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The distance is exactly three miles.

The Start

The start is downhill for approximately 250 yards but this is more than compensated for by the stiffest climb of the course lasting one-third of a mile.

The Hill

Just passed the brow of the hill you turn right. The course is now fairly level with some parts that are even slightly downhill. But at one mile the course rises again. The climb is not as severe but is longer (about 700 yards) and brings you to the Jamboree Stone.

Approaching Jamboree Stone

Those who know the relay courses at Sutton Park may be tempted to turn right for home at this point. Sorry! The course continues ahead and downhill for a quarter mile to the turning point. Once round the cones not only are you then heading for the Finish, you’ve completed just over half distance.Approaching the 'turn'

You now pay for the downhill section with the uphill return to the Jamboree Stone where you are guided to the left. Then follows about half a mile of downhill running that levels out as you draw alongside Keepers Pool to your left.

Keepers Pool

As you leave the Pool there’s half a mile to go. You continue straight ahead (no left turn, old hands!). From here the course is undulating but mainly uphill. If you are not totally focused on your running you could look to your right with a quarter mile to go and see the publicity bus. The final sharp right hand turn follows a brief downhill section, from there to the finish is just 150 yards away, sub 30 seconds for some.

The final sharp right turn to the Finish

Not many of you will notice this but the final yards are downhill.

Mike Wrenn (from programme notes).

View slidshow of course (more images) by clicking

Course map can be downloaded here….. Sutton Park New Map

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