BMAF XC Championships 2011

Entry Forms are now available for download on the BMAF XC Page


About Tom Morris

I am retired. I am a Life Member of Birchfield Harriers and have been Secretary & Membership Secretary of the Midland Masters AC for 9 years. I enjoy watching road & cross country races, photography and messing about on my PC.

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  1. Just seen the entry form and age groups.
    Completely disillusioned with the vets schene.
    When 40 41 42 was near front.(top 20)
    then they let young ones in .
    currently giving away 14 years and was waiting to be 50 to be near front.Now we all run together.Ridiculous
    Rather than keeping me interested as I age it has put me off
    Will do english national instead at Alton towers for atmosphere club spirit and a similar thrashing.
    Martin Farran(ps warning!I am not alone in my views)

    • Martin,
      I’m sorry that you feel “disillusioned” with the age groups. The M35 category has been with us now for some time bringing the age groups in line with the womens. We might not like it but we have it and it’s worldwide. The BMAF have only altered the 10 year age groups for men in team events, also bringing them in line with the womens and this no way affects the individual. Medals are still awarded for the first 3 individuals in each of the 5 year age groups and as an M50 (I presume) you will still be competing within your age group. The races are run together purely for logistical reasons but the results will be separated. I would have thought that the competition of running with younger athletes was an advantage and this will be no different to running the ‘National’ at Alton Towers where the opposition will be even younger and possibly no medals for the M50’s!!

      Do reconsider your entry, we welcome all master athletes (or should that be veterans!!)

  2. Martin

    On looking through the BMAF X-C Championships results for the last three years, it would appear your upset is about no M50-69 Race, rather than with the M35’s of which there were only 6 in front of you in 2008 and 7 in front of you in 2009. Also there were no Leeds teams in any races in the last three Championships, so it would appear you went to these on your own.
    I therefore can understand your desire for the team spirit at the Seniors National, but to run round in a crowd of thousands, with a finish at best in the lower hundreds, but not much else, appears meaningless, apart from a good training run.
    The Masters scene, is to provide competition on an ‘even playing field’ – races in 5 year age groups. I accept you have to compete with other age groups, but that surely helps most athletes as they are always racing someone, even if in another age group, but you know who is in your age group, by the numbers on the back of athletes.
    The change in the ten year age groups does not affect you, as Leeds do no appear to have enter teams in the last three Championships or this years Road Relays for that matter.
    British Masters Athletics is completely unfunded, run by a team of dedicated volunteers, who believe me, are much more frustrated about what we are able to achieve for Masters Athletes, than you are. We will never please all of our athletes all of the time, and for a few athletes at any time, we just do what we can.
    Yet despite that, the vast majority of Masters Athletes appear to thrive on the Championships and other events we provide, the fight for places in the British/Irish X-C teams show that. We can do no more, with the circumstances we have to operate in.

    • I am biased as last year I was in the M60 Bmaf road relay winning team, but the V35 age group was introduced without great support and has been poorly supported since. To adjust all the age catagories to somehow legitimise this bogus catagorie is ludicrous and to teams like ours who had seen a chance of national success from years previously to now not have any chance to defend our title is a slap in the face. I’m disgusted !!! Tony.

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